Terra Inez Hurst

About the Author

My main objective in writing this book and my second book, Biblical Healing From covert Narcissists Abuse, is to let others who’ve experienced the same type of abuse know how to identify it and heal from it. I spent 25 years of my life married to a covert Narcissist, and the worst part was losing my voice, and having no one, not even my family and friends believe one word I had to say and thinking I was nothing more than a delusional drug addict, and some probably still do.
Throughout my journey of healing I never lost site of God, and in that I realized God knows me, loves me, and He believes me, and that’s all that matters.
If you are one of the unfortunate people who have experienced the abuse of an evil narcissist, always remember, you are not alone in this, God sees you and he knows the truth. Live in Gods love, and hang on to Him with every ounce of your being, be obedient to His instructions, and I promise, you will be blessed with a sense of peace you never thought possible.
My prayer for you is that the pages of my book will encourage and help you on this very long healing journey. In Jesus name!