Identifying Mental

Are you walking on eggshells, trying to please your partner? Do you constantly fall short?

You post a pretty picture of yourself on social media. Your partner mocks you, accusing you of being too attention-seeking; so, you delete it.

You go out for dinner with friends, but receive negative texts from your partner all night and can’t enjoy your meal.

You have a hard day at work. Your partner says it’s your fault, you don’t know how to handle situations, and you’re bad at your job.

If this sounds familiar, you’re in a toxic relationship. Maybe you’ve been telling yourself: He’s concerned. Or she loves me. Maybe you’ve been telling yourself you need to try a little harder.

You might think your relationship is normal, but it’s not.

One in two people will experience emotional abuse in a relationship—you’re not alone. What you justify now as concern and love is manipulation and control. Your partner’s possessiveness and negativity can leave you suffocating, depressed, and feeling bad about yourself. But it’s not your fault.
Inside Identifying Mental Abuse, discover how to:

  • identify a toxic relationship.
  • recognize manipulation.
  • set boundaries.
  • put in place a support system.
  • get out of an abusive situation.

And much, much more. Leaving a toxic relationship is the first big step to leaving the darkness behind and regaining your life; but to achieve true freedom, you must also learn how to keep yourself from falling into another trap.

Follow the steps outlined in this book and, pretty soon, you’ll not only find yourself the master of your life, but you’ll also be able to advocate for others. What begins with taking back control of your life can help change the dialogue for others in abusive relationships. It starts with you.

Get this book now, break free, and live the life you were meant to live!

Biblical Healing From Covert Narcissist Abuse

Biblical Healing from covert Narcissistic Abuse is a comprehensive guidebook for Christians struggling with the trauma of abuse.

Christians are called by Christ to be humble, to be forgiving, to be kind, and generous, and these fundamental tenets of Christianity can sometimes be twisted by the abusers and used to manipulate their victims.

Know one thing: Christ's teachings do not mean you have to suffer abuse. You do not need to let the acts of a narcissistic abuser slide to be a good Christian.

Biblical Healing from covert Narcissistic Abuse offers tools for the faithful to help you draw on your relationship with God to give you the strength to over overcome abuse.

Your relationship with your faith can be your most effective tool in dealing with abuse and the lessons Christianity can be your roadmap to freedom.

Biblical Healing from covert Narcissistic Abuse will teach you how to draw from your Christian values including:

  • Identifying narcissism and narcissists in your life,
  • How narcissists can manipulate Christians to their own ends,
  • How the teachings of Christ can give you the tools to break free from abuse,
  • How your relationship with God is your ultimate source of healing.

It’s also important to reflect on how narcissistic abuse affects your spiritual life and how you can bring that pain to God and strengthen your faith and resolve.

By embracing your faith and building a closer relationship with God, you can find the courage to forgive the strength to heal and the peace to move on.

Biblical Healing from covert Narcissistic Abuse offers a holistic approach to healing that aims to help anyone seeking to break free from the cycle of belief and reclaim their life and their faith.